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Désirée Huguelit

NLP Master Coach

Porträtfoto Désirée Huguelit

As my impulse becomes clearer, my feeling becomes stronger.

My feeling is my lead to the goal.


The more conscious I am, the more precise my thinking.

Thoughts creates actions. My actions create my experiences.


I am a Holon as well as part of a a bigger Holon.


I am

D: calm

E: dynamic

S: independent

I: tolerant

R: solution-oriented

E: Joyful

E: conscious


H: persistent

U: flexible

G: intuitive

U: communicative

E: wild

L: well-founded

I: tolerant

T: observant


I am multiplied by

Human being, wife, mother, partner, friend, dog owner, daughter, sister,

visionary, planner, implementer, designer, researcher, artist, optimist, philosopher, realist, activist, punk


I am divided with

Up and down, back and forward, falling over and getting up, forward and backward, loading and unloading, fog and clarity, storm and sunshine, joy and sadness, anger and love, fear and bravery, trust and disappointment, walkway and highway, north and south.


I am the result

Overviewed and perceptive, explicit and apt, real and honest, authentic and mindful.


I am Désirée Huguelit



Cert. NLP Practitioner DVNLP EANLP

Success Factor Modeling for Challenging Times, Robert Dilts

Associations / memberships


DVNLP health section

DVNLP business group




The consultations usually take place at my atelier Viaduktstrasse 4 in Biel-Bienne.

Team development / business people as agreed.



Clarification of the matter to be addressed by phone, email and other modern means of communication.

Appointment of the first meeting / target definition

Time frame: 2h

Problem and goal determination, intervention, discussion of further action.


Follow-up appointments

1 to 3 sessions, depending your concerns and the methods 

Time frame: 60 minutes per session.

Workshop as agreed.



Depending your concerns and the methods.

Workshop | Meditation

February 2024: Die Kunst des glücklichen Zufalls | The art of serendipity | L'art de la sérendipité.

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